As of our 2007 visit to Buduburam Refugee Camp, located in the vicinity of the Ghanaian capital of Accra, no concrete plans had been made for the repatriation or social re-integration of the camp's approximately 38,000 inhabitants.  An indeterminate number of these individuals are former child soldiers from Liberia; in this documentary they speak out about their circumstances.

What will the future hold for these people, and where will the funding for repatriation come from? To date no answers have been forthcoming on these issues from either the U.N. or the Governments of Liberia and Ghana, despite repeated queries by WTP as to how small non-profit organizations like ourselves could assist in this process.

The fate of undocumented refugees - who reportedly constitute a considerable percentage of Buduburam's population, even though precise figures have proven difficult to locate - is of particular concern, in light of their vulnerability.