A Portrait of Honduras

A fundamental principle of Save the Children, which has been active in Honduras since 1968, is that socially and economically underprivileged individuals have the necessary potential to create a better life for themselves in a dignified way, through a combination of their own efforts and external assistance. Save's purpose is to help and support children, within the context of family and community, in such a way that they are active participants in the development process rather than passive beneficiaries.

Individual child sponsorship was one important element of Save the Children's work in Honduras until very recently, when it began to be phased out in favor of collective sponsorship of entire communities.

When this change was implemented in 2002, Catherine Boyle -- who has been the godmother or "sponsor" of a Honduran girl named Bethy since 1994 -- traveled to Honduras in order to meet Bethy and her family and to observe Save the Children's programs first-hand. 

Her trip resulted in this documentary which, while focused on humanitarian undertakings, also paints a portrait of Honduras as a country -- its vivid colors and the warmth and spirit of its people.