In addition to the documentaries featured on this site, private access to our documentary short "Nishkriti - The Smiling Sun of Chittagong," shot in Bangladesh in 2008, is available upon request.  This documentary profiles the inspirational healthcare work being carried out by the NGO Nishkriti on behalf of socially disadvantaged segments of the population in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Please feel free to e-mail me in this regard using the form that follows below.  

"The Wolves of Memory"  is a rough cut of our collaborative work with the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribe of Oklahoma, which unfortunately never reached completion due to profound changes in the tribe's personnel structure while the film was in post-production.  

Nonetheless, we hope that it will make for interesting viewing, as well as providing insight into the challenges faced by Native American peoples in the U.S. and elsewhere as they seek to preserve their respective languages and cultures.

 Nishkriti - The Smiling Sun of Chittagong 


The Wolves of Memory


This film features recitations of the brilliantly minimalist work of Cheyenne poet Lance Henson, shown here in the photograph.         


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