A Bangladeshi Odyssey

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit your sponsored child? While in Bangladesh to shoot "Reading for Children," Catherine Boyle and Gianluca Di Santo had an opportunity to meet one of Catherine's sponsored children, 11-year-old Hasena.

The duo subsequently returned to Bangladesh the following year for a second visit, and this documentary was the result.

The first part of the film retraces their journey -- via van, ferry boat, motorized rickshaw and traditional rickshaw -- from Dhaka, the capital city, to the rural community of Nasirnagar, where Hasena and her family live.

The second part of the film is dedicated to the relationship that has unfolded between Hasena and Catherine, and to the vital importance of nourishing such cross-cultural bonds.

Our deepest thanks to Save the Children's Bangladesh Office for all of their hard work in making these visits possible !